Included here are template policies, terms and agreements required for Finsa FX and CFD trading, that comply with Australian regulatory requirements.

Finsa Pty Ltd Client Agreement
Finsa Pty Ltd FSG
Finsa Pty Ltd PDS

Clients should also be asked to read and understand a risk notice such as:

Finsa Risk Disclosure Notice

We refer to ASIC Regulatory Guide (RG) 227: Over-the-counter contracts for difference: Improving disclosure for retail investors, which requires CFD providers to disclose whether they comply with seven benchmarks on an 'if not, why not' basis.

In relation to RG 227 Finsa Pty have a standard suite of policies which can be amended according to the specifics of the chosen offering:

Finsa Client Qualification Policy
Finsa Counterparty Risk – Hedging Policy
Finsa Margin Call Policy
Finsa Client Money Policy
Finsa Counterparty Risk – Financial Resources Policy