CFD and Spread Trading Solutions

FINSA can provide each and every aspect of a CFD and spread trading operation

  • Highly scalable front-end technology platforms (web, download and mobile).
  • Trading on thousands of real-time priced global markets (FX, indices, equities, bonds, commodities and metals).
  • Client on-boarding, KYC vetting.
  • 24/6 risk management.
  • A turn-key solution or a flexible package of services fitted to client's needs.


Risk Management Solutions

FINSA recognises that, along with the quality of an online brokers' sales and marketing strategy, managing the market risk created by clients is fundamental to the ultimate success of the business.

Risk management is expensive and it can be difficult to find traders with relevant experience and a true understanding of the retail market place. Challenges facing a company wishing to run their own risk books include:

  • Finding suitable traders to manage the risk
  • Multiple prime broker relationships – execution and clearing costs
  • Unknown outcomes – difficult revenue forecasting
  • Large client exposure issues
  • Execution bridge costs
  • Lost revenue from imposed hedging limits
  • Unreliable pricing, execution and slippage from Liquidity Providers

FINSA can resolve the challenges and provides:

  • A single point of multi asset class hedging
  • Prices and liquidity
  • Willingness to take large order sizes and manage large client exposure
  • 24/6 access to our dealing and risk team

Contact FINSA today to discuss a bespoke solution for your business.


Choice of Trading Platforms – CloudTrade or MT4

FINSA can provide market leading on-line and mobile trading solutions on MT4 and our multi-asset platform, Cloudtrade.


MetaTrader4 (MT4) is an independent trading platform that was developed for trading foreign exchange. This cutting-edge online trading platform was designed and developed by "MetaQuotesSoftware" in 2002 and has grown to become the leading trading platform in the world. MT4 is one of the most innovative and reliable home broker trading applications available. It has established itself as the standard tool of choice by the retail trading community because of its easy to use functionality and reliability. The platform is a downloadable application which sits on the client’s desktop.


CloudTrade is a proprietary web-based trading platform which has been developed over a number of years. It has been designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind. CloudTrade enables clients to trade on thousands of global markets in a very intuitive manner and is complimented with mobile and tablet solutions.